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It is extraordinary that you can get
a Home Page for so little money!

  • You can get your initial Home 
    Page configuration
    (up to five pages of content)
  • Your name is displayed
    (according to your instructions)
  • Your logo will be created or scanned
    (according to your wish)
  • Your NEW Site will be uploaded 
    to a Server of your choice
  • You can choose between a free 
    Server or a Server where you 
    have to pay a monthly fee
  • If you have problems with your 
    e-mail - just send your questions
  • We are at your service around the clock
Please send your e-mail to:
and we will find a solution for your Site.

(This offer doesn't include
Server costs)

 Starter Bundle 
(US$ 100.-- only)
  • Initial configuration
    (up to 5 pages of content)
  • Create or scan your logo
  • Scanning of up to 5 pictures
  • One-time update or
  • E-mail link
  • Server of your choice
Once you have examined your
Site, it will be published.

(This offer doesn't include
Server costs)

What you have to do!
  1. Send your name and address by 
    e-mail to
  2. Include your text as an attachment
    or just within your text.
  3. Send your pictures (.gif .jpg .bmp)
    or others with your e-mail.
  4. Give us instructions and wishes
    for your new site.
  5. If you have any other questions
    please send an e-mail.
  6. You don't have to pay the
    US$ 100.-- now.
  7. You only transfer the amount
    of US$ 100.-- when you are
    satisfied with your Site.

October 2001

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